Google Penalties

Google Penalties

Have you noticed that your website doesn’t seem to be getting as many leads from organic traffic as it used to, or have you seen a dramatic drop in Google rankings for your most important keywords?

It’s possible that you could have been hit with Google penalties. There are many different reasons that Google can hit your site with a penalty – some are a result of across-the-board algorithm updates that can wreak havoc on business websites with very little warning, while other penalties are manual – applied to your website for a breach of Google rules.

At SEOmers, we know that the impact of an unexpected algorithmic filter or a manual penalty can be catastrophic for your business. Choosing to ignore Google penalties isn’t an option for businesses; the effects will prevent your website ranking for vital business-related keywords and impact negatively on your organic search traffic.

Most of the time, the SEO practices that have been picked up on and penalised by Google are innocent mistakes; there have been massive changes in SEO in recent years and it’s an evolving art. In other cases, unfortunately you may be suffering from unethical, unnatural and low quality SEO practices.  Either way, the experts at SEOmers will work hard to recover and refresh your site’s SEO profile, get to the bottom of the issues and fix them, as swiftly as possible.


We aim to get any penalties removed so that your website moves back up to where it needs to be in the search rankings.


We know how Google penalties work and what to do if the worst happens and your site gets penalised. We strive to keep up to date with all the latest developments in SEO to make sure that the tweaks  you or your web master have put in place on your site to help you to the top of the Google rankings aren’t in fact sending you straight to the bottom of the pile.

It’s not always a straightforward job, it can take a while to get to the bottom of the problem and there really aren’t any quick fixes, but we use a systematic process to undo all the issues that leave you open to penalties, including removing links that have been picked up as problematic by the latest change in algorithm, disavowing any links that can’t be taken out, and when we’ve tightened up your SEO as much as possible, we then submit a reconsideration request asking for the penalty to be revoked.

At SEOmers we can boast a high success rate for getting Google penalties removed and we’re totally committed to providing all of our clients with a great service. You can rely on us to be honest about your site; if the work involved in repairing it is likely to be a waste of time, we won’t take your money, we’ll tell you. We’ll also be honest about how much work you’ll have to do yourself.

If you want to get your website SEO looking good again – contact us to get started.

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