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SEOmers provides an easy to follow report of your website within 24 hours,  calling out what’s good and bad. Our approach is to keep things simple, so clients understand what needs doing and what’s holding them back against their competition.

SEOmers provide a clear, step by step list of instructions for how to improve your website, together with more educational material.

Site AuditSite audits
Our search marketing experts are capable of undertaking a thorough and insightful audit of your existing website, highlighting areas for development and projects to pursue long-term search benefit while converting your traffic into sales. If you would like a sample report then contact us by using the form below.


AuthorityBrand Authority
Our Google-qualified staff will ensure your website’s visitors are satisfied with the credibility, security and authority of your business. It is crucial for successful businesses in any industry to provide an excellent service that customers can trust and use time and again.


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We won't sell to you at all. We won't hound you or even bother you. You can do what you like with the free SEO report, if you want to jump aboard as a client because of the report, awesome but seriously, it's no bother at all.The only thing we will do is add you to our 'Emailed SEO & Marketing Tips' list, even then, we won't sell to you or even promote ourselves, it's just advice that you can action from time to time.

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