YES – SEOmers is a husband and wife team

Dan & Fay SomersWhile you may have this strange idea that all {{seo}} firms are stuffy offices filled with people who only socialise with each other during working hours, we’re very happy to call your bluff. SEOmers is a two-man team – one-man and one-woman, in any case – as firm founder and head honcho Dan and his wife Fay both run different wings of the business, while overseeing the overall brand.

SEOmers started life in the April of 2013 – we’re about to celebrate our fifth birthday in a few months – when Dan set up the business on his own back, where he continues to operate on an ‘everyday running’ basis. This means he’s responsible, largely, for how the company operates on a whole – providing expertise in niche areas and for bespoke demands, offering particular insight on bigger, more complex problems that need swift, certain solutions. SEOmers is essentially Dan’s baby – but once he and Fay tied the knot, the firm saw both husband and wife dive into the fray.

Dan and Fay married in September 2016, and Fay has taken on much of the running of SEOmers herself – particularly when it comes to the marketing and promotions side of matters. Fay is an ex-sales expert in the recruitment industry, meaning she is ideally positioned to provide outreach strategy and social media coverage for the brand on a regular basis. Social media, as anyone running their own business will know, can be a full-time job – and Fay manages our social channels with ease while encouraging industry websites to take notice of our clients and services.

While they say to never date a co-worker, they never say a couple can’t run a business – and under the watchful gaze of Dan and Fay, SEOmers continues to bring expert advice on SEO strategy and online marketing to clients of all shapes and sizes. If you can live together – why not work together? Take it from our own happy couple!

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SEOmers is known locally as the Ipswich SEO and Marketing Company. We're known for straight talking, no fluff approach about website performance. If you would like a chat about your website, please do get in touch on "01473 760140". Although we now service global clients, our roots are still very much focused as a local digtal marketing company based in Ipswich.

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