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Many small businesses have either a snazzy looking website and no visitors or a lousy looking website and no visitors. The first problem is a result of an incomplete job by the designer/builder who didn’t engage in any meaningful SEO activity and the second is due to the business owner using a second-rate DIY site builder like WIX or Blogger that relies on a CMS patched together using 2005 SEO principles.

A belated welcome to 2016! We’ve Been Waiting for You

If you’re ready to join the present, you first have to understand why you should abandon the past. After all the past is a known commodity like that comfy old armchair with the cigarette burn holes and unspeakable stains. You need a reason to move. Well, here are a few reasons.

Subdomain Sites: If you’re using a web name like or then that isn’t your website, the content isn’t yours, you do not own it!

Want completely free? Well, most site builders will offer ‘free’ but on one condition…They slap adverts all over it!

Fugly Designs: Think of visiting a website as a kind of blind date. Even if you’re lucky enough to snag a few visitors they won’t stay for long if your site is ugly. Most sites using site builders like Wix or Vistaprint are extremely same old, rubbish and look like they’re from the 90s. They’re ‘ok’ for a kick start, maybe, but your conversion rate will normally be pants.

SEO, well, there isn’t much! Yes, if you want a blog then OK, a site builder will sometimes work but what about having a custom page/URL structure, what about custom Google Analytics code? Can you use canonical tags? 301 redirects? Can you do any of those without needing to pay an ‘upgrade fee’? (most self-hosted CMS’s offer as standard, and free!!)

Slow to load!! Google hates slow sites so why on earth would you put your site on a service that’s sluggish? Services like Vistaprint, Wix and other site builders are built for bulk, and quick cash cows as a sideline for advertising other services they offer.

Try leaving! Typically, unless you know how to scrap/pinch a website, its’ hard to move your site to a new host or provider, you often have to start again! Self-hosted CMS’s systems, like Joomla, can be taken over by any web designer or hosting company in the world without any issues at all.

If you don’t believe us, run a search on Google for things like ‘Top sites built with Wix’ – Most of the websites that are listed as being ‘stunning’ are not using Wix, they haven’t for months, sometimes longer! They’ve maybe picked up some traffic, found Wix to be a hassle and paid a web designer to do the job properly! Have a look, and you’ll see.

OK, you want more than WIX or Godaddy Site builders?

Rather than wandering the digital wilderness like some reject from a Jeremy Kyle episode, find your courage and embrace the present. Here are 3 of the most popular free CMS that can help with SEO and general website freedom:

WordPress: With WordPress, you’ll be able to easily add hyperlinks, header tags and the kind of easily crawlable content for your customers to find you. Your site will also load in a snap, look great and have a clear, sensible URL structure. If you can use Facebook then, you can use WordPress with ease! Any web designer will be able to take over and make it look exactly how you want!

Joomla: Joomla made social network integration part of the game plan. Messaging, event creation, forums, groups and more all play a crucial role in any effective website campaign today and Joomla allows you to integrate them into your site with simple, easy to use tools. A downside to Joomla is that the decent experts are few and far between.

Drupal: Drupal is technically advanced for the code geeks out there, loads as fast as lighting and is fully customizable and updatable. It’s maintained by a stable community so addons/plugins tend to be solid, unlike WordPress. You can trust what you’re plugging into your website, as long as its from their website.

The best free CMS’s enable you to create the type of engaging experience search engines today are looking for. Don’t get caught sleeping in the skanky old armchair offered by the WiX-ers of the world. Rise and take control of your company’s digital fate by using one of the best free CMS for SEO we’ve outlined here. Your online business will actually thank you.

This post is aimed at the small business owners who may be branching online. If you have a large website like a shop, consider using software like Magento or even Kentico. Your best option is to find as many designers that you can, build a list and get rid of the ones that you don’t’ get along with, drill them, find out what they can really do for your business. It will be more rewarding and cost effective that using any website site builder.

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