Why you need to find the right web developer for your business

Agency VS FreelancerChoosing a web developer can be one of the most important decisions for your business. The web developer is going to be tasked with creating the online face of your company, and his or her skills will make or break your ability to successfully interact with your customers online. The developer creates your online shop window – you’ll want to make it an impressive one!
Finding the perfect person for the job can be difficult. It’s not easy to find a really good developer or coder, who really ‘gets’ your business and is easy to work with. If the code is sloppy, it will impact on your website’s performance, so spending some time getting this important decision right will pay dividends for your business.

Agencies are often the first port of call when you’re looking for a developer. The benefits of going to an agency can include a wider talent pool, and in larger agencies the bonus of being able to tie in web development with other services too.
This is all fantastic, but it will come at a cost – agencies, especially large digital media agencies, aren’t cheap. It can also be a hassle working with an agency, because you won’t always be able to speak to the right person, and as they will be working for more than one client at a time, it might take longer to get the work completed.

Freelance web developers are especially good if you’re looking for someone in a particular niche – you know they will be really good at one particular area of the job. The problem is, finding the right person in that niche. If they are absolutely fantastic at coding but so used to sitting behind a screen that their people skills are hopeless, working with an individual web developer can be very frustrating.
Money wise, a freelancer will usually be cheaper than an agency as they don’t have the overheads of a large digital media company, but on the downside, you might find your project is rushed – for a freelancer, time is money and so it’s in their interest to get the job done quickly. The only way around this is to hire on a day rate, but many freelancers don’t like working this way.
When you’re making the decision between freelancer and web design agency, you also need to think about the size of your business and whether you’re likely to need an ongoing service from them. If you’re a small business looking for a start-up website, the cost and flexibility of a freelancer may be right for you, but for larger companies or anyone looking for an integrated approach, the convenience of an agency might just swing the decision.


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