Why Being a Brand Is Important

Being a brand Is being a ‘brand’ just a gimmick? No, not as far as your SEO rankings are concerned. If you need convincing, try a little experiment in Google – search for anything from washing machines to holiday villas, and it’s the well-known brands that will be at the top of the Google rankings.

The reason for this is that rightly or wrongly, you’re more likely to be seen as trustworthy if you’re a recognised brand. Even if you’re Tesco, Starbucks or McDonalds, people know what to expect from you if they know your name – as long as it’s not a name that’s been dragged through the proverbial mud too often.

If your business has a strong brand, it encourages people to trust you, and then buy from you, which is what you want! A strong brand and a reputation for good products and service can cope with the occasional upset or bad review, but if people don’t know you, or anything about you, they might just be put off by someone else’s negative experience.

As far as Google is concerned, direct suppliers of branded goods and services trump the small suppliers and land right up there at the top of the list. Google does tend to turn its nose up at affiliate sellers because it doesn’t know them as well as it does the big brands they are promoting. It always looks for the brand, because that’s what people seem to want.

So, what’s branding all about? It starts with being proud of what you do and communicating that to the world – defining your brand as simply and effectively as possible. Think about your businesses values, strengths and USP, and big them up. You’ve got to stick with them for the long haul too, it’s no good having branding that boasts about unrivalled customer service unless you can actually live up to it.

Being a brand is about how you sell a product, not the product you sell – don’t overdo it and gush about a long list of selling points, that will just confuse potential customers (and search engines). Keep your brand identity simple, consistent and accurate and you’ll reap the benefits long term.

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