We’re a Google Partner Again! 6 Exams, done

Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it — but what does it actually mean? Well for one, SEOmers gets to have a special badge on the site. However, it really does means much much more than that.

Earning Google’s Partner badge means that we are an online company that’s trusted by Google directly, trained and certified in Google’s best practices.

We are not awarded by paying an entry or subscription fee. It is more than just passing a couple of exams, you have to PROVE what you can do, and have a proven track record that is verified by Google themselves.

Any marketing company, large or ‘one man band’ that runs or manages an AdWords or a marketing campaign can attempt to qualify to earn a Google partner badge, free of charge, no strings or entry fees. You learn your trade and have a good track record of getting your clients results, then take exams. We have done this for the last three years since SEOmers has been running.

You can check for yourselves but we’re one of the Most Qualified &  Certified marketing companies in Suffolk, according to Google themselves, feel free to check!

Here is a snippet of what Google states are the needed requirements to be a partner

  • Create and complete a Partners company profile
  • Get one affiliated individual
    • We have two certified and qualified people
  • Meet a 90-day ad spending requirement of USD 10,000
    • We have done this every month for over three years
  • You need to pass two of the AdWords certification exam
    • We have passed six exams. You can verify that on our Google Partner profile

Here is our public profile on Google and our certificates

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