We need 1000 Men to ‘MANUP?

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SEOmers helps businesses all the time.  We are known for saying it how it is and giving advice or help whenever we can.  We have never asked anybody to say thanks for any of our support. We have never asked for anything in return.

The time has come, to ask for help from people living in Ipswich…  if we’ve done you a favour, giving advice or got you out of a pickle…… now this is the time for you to help us, not just us but everyone who has any involvement, struggle or got over issues related to mental health.

We are incredibly passionate about helping people who may be less fortunate than ourselves. We often help quite a few charities every single year. We never mention which charities for our own marketing purposes,  we do it because we like to think of ourselves as honest people who just care about others. We love helping people do good for the community.

We have decided to run a campaign for ourselves with the help of many others who have already jumped at the chance to join forces,  for the good of the community.

We have liaised with schools, council’s, police and businesses so we can work together to pull off one of the most significant and different male mental health awareness campaigns within the UK,  to our knowledge, this has never been done before.

We are looking to reach out to males who may be suffering in silence. We’re looking to encourage males who are putting on a front to their friends and family,  while secretly hating themselves on the inside.

Let’s face facts,  men are absolute rubbish about being honest with their emotions or what’s going on inside their heads…we are rubbish at it.

Society, for years, has kept telling men to “man up” which indirectly has caused men of all ages to have issues with their mental health.

We want to help change that, and those helping us are making this happen in a big way!

We would like to invite any male,  from any background, race or religion. We do not care if you an accountant,  bin man or one of the world’s richest men…. we are merely asking you to come and join up to 1000 other men to go and put their hand up in a photo  to tell other men that is ok to have mental issues, which is quite simply, it is ok!

Please click the link below to find out more information about this campaign.


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Dan Somers


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