7 WEBSITE MISTAKES TO AVOID BEFORE EVEN HAVING ONE 1 SEO & PPCNo one ever said getting started online was easy – but we’ve all seen a few disasters in our time.  Some of the ways in which we start out on the web really do us no favours whatsoever – and while some of these factors can be fairly easy to spot, a lot of them go unnoticed, astonishingly regularly.  Let’s take a look at seven of the biggest ways you can really set yourself back before you really get started.


Avoiding Your Homework

Too many people are keen to jump straight in and build a catch-all website and fill it with content that appeals to a wider competition – this really is doing yourself a disservice.  What you should be doing is plenty of research – honing your online presence to a specific need an audience to capture their interest and to provide them with a one-stop shop.  Don’t just guess – do your homework.

Avoiding Any Planning Whatsoever

This is a big one – plans do matter, and when it comes to ensuring that your business and brand survives online, you’re going to need to know where you want to go and what it is you want to do.  This is essential for communicating with web designers as well as your prospective clients – build yourself some goals, set yourself some targets and be ruthless – reward yourself at the small milestones but for your own sake, think big – don’t do this on the fly.

Letting a Website Fester

Yep – one of the biggest ways you can truly shoot a website in the foot before getting started is leaving it to its own devices.  You’re not going to start ranking highly for keywords people are searching for on Google unless you partner with a professional who knows what they’re doing, or at least work on it yourself – Anyone can rank “rent elephants in Ipswich” but if no one is searching for it, it is not {{seo}} or marketing. 

Keeping Your Network Tight

You’re likely to be tempted to market your brand and your social media to your family and friends – this makes sense particularly if you’re just starting out and are unsure about what you might be doing – but you’re going to need to start branching out and approaching people who are beyond your network to get long-term success to come to you.  Facebook isn’t being particularly kind to businesses right now with regard to proposed changes to the News Feed – and you should take advantage of really branching out.

Working With the Wrong People

This goes for all walks of life and work – but work with toxic people who are more about their own success and less about yours and you’re only going to dwindle.  Partner with firms and professionals who offer genuine support – build mutual relationships for long-term success! You want the right men, not yes men! (or woman). 

Poor Money Management

When you’re promoting yourself online, you may be tempted to leap into something like Facebook promotions – but a lot of these social media campaigns – the funded ones – aren’t as simple or as cut and dried as something like Pay Per Click.  Facebook promotion, where you pay a premium for a few added likes or shares, can have a habit of getting a little bit out of grasp – so be careful!

Taking the Cheap Route

Spending less now on what might be getting sold as professional SEO for a bargain rate might sound worthwhile, but long term, you’re in for a world of poor results.  Cheap, poorly-realised SEO is hardly worth the money you fork out for – go with reputation and a firm that has a cast-iron plan – don’t be afraid to invest more in getting factors such as your long-term SEO sorted out sooner rather than later – or you’ll be paying for it in the long run. Found a website for £50 for your new e-commerce store? Are you sure the exact same template hasn’t been used in 163 otehr websites? Will it grow with your business? 

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