Top 5 things to consider for your website | Search for Beginners Ep 7 – Dans Video

Google's Advice SEO reaction.

There are so many myths, theories and well, gobbledygook when it comes to marketing a website.

You can’t beat getting information directly from the horse’s mouth rather than a friend up the road that dabbled in web design back in 1963.

Google released a few videos aimed at those who are looking to start building a website or getting better search positions in its search engines. We welcome the videos, so thank you, Google.

The truth is, no one 100% knows the facts about Google’s algorithms. We have always been honest and transparent with our clients, never promised anything we can’t do but to this day, we still have the same clients as we did nearly nine years ago. Pick a local business group, and you would have most likely heard of us, we’re not arrogant, but we’ve worked very hard to be one of the most recognised SEO and Marketing companies in the local areas. (although we now have national and global clients in the mix).

Where are we going with this? Well, we are well known for cutting out the hype, tosh and up to a point, proving a point. We have been quite public and set up case studies that clearly show the difference between fact and hype when it comes to Google and gaining exposure within its services.

There are so many myths and thoughts about SEO and Google rankings. We thought we would run a set of videos that placed our comments alongside Google’s advice.

Google’s video ‘Top 5 things to consider for your website | Search for Beginners Ep 7’

The video covers the following topics

  • Website & local business discovery on Google Search High-quality content
  • Fast & easy-to-access content on all devices
  • Website security
  • External help with {{seo}}

Yet some of the top SEO myths doing the rounds, and have for years

  • SEO is Dead
  • Content Is All You Need
  • Link Building is Dead
  • SEO is Voodoo or Snake Oil
  • Speed Isn’t That Important
  • You Must Submit Your Site

Very few myths have any valid source to back them up. Dan gets rather frustrated with wrong information because it causes business owners to follow the wrong goals, more so when services that should know better use them to their advantage to gain a few more quid!

Please do watch Dan’s video, if you have any questions then do get in touch.

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