The Visual Differences Between Experience and just having the Tools

Cadwell ParkAnyone who has spoken to Dan over the years will know that he is very much into motorcycles. It’s no secret that he is often at race tracks with his mates, having a bit of downtime. (no pun intended, that’s his photo on the left)

On his late night social travels, he spotted a few posts from a chap called Steven Morgan. He was sharing photos of him and his son enjoying a motorcycle track-day, Steven was on his ‘proper bike’ and his son on an electric motorbike, It looks like a really good day out between father and son.

Dan spotted one of the photos Steven shared. He is holding his son, perched on his electric bike over one of Cadwell Parks most famous parts called The Mountain it’s the real reason why anyone on two wheels goes to the track, it’s simply amazing.  You can clearly see Dad holding up his son. Dan offered to remove Dad from the photo, he said he’d try his best but he isn’t a graphic designer, he just has the tools which is PhotoShop in this case.

Steven was really happy with Dan’s attempt but Dan wasn’t. if you look close, the crash barriers on Dan’s attempt isn’t that great, he isn’t a designer or claims to be one just because he has the toys.

The post caught the eye of Craig Grew from KeaKeative. He decided to have his own ‘attempt’ which took him less than ten minutes. He sent Dan two or three versions of the photo, each one getting more and more fine tuned to detail. Our point is hopefully a really clear one. We can all buy the tools but we can’t buy the skill and experience that comes from someone who really knows their trade inside out, and still keeps learning the craft they sell.

The photo went from simply removing Dad from the photo to ‘smudging’ the front wheel to make it look like he is moving forwards.

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So, you might be asking whats the point of this post? In our industry, we are littered with a lot of businesses selling websites, marketing and all sorts. Just because you have the tools, it doesn’t mean you are an expert. They might have a hammer and chisel but can they really carve the fine detail of the Appennine Colossus in Italy?

The finest, sometimes barely noticeable fine detail of your brand or services can have the most impact. So when you want to ‘have a go’ at something, just because you’ve Google’d a guide or downloaded an amazing tool, just ask yourself… Is the fine detail better than someone who does it for a living? More to the point, will you even notice that the fine tune is missing?


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