Google Partner & Certified. We don’t like the system anymore.

There are no more Google exams this year. Completed it.

A few years ago, We became one of the first Google Ads Partners in the area. (except for those large agencies) 

A year of ‘exams’ is over for us. Dan breezed through them with ease. In the past three years, the questions have not changed much, which is frustrating. 


Almost everything about Google Partners irritates us! 

In the past, certification involved multiple exams. For anyone who is familiar with Adwords and the setup, the exams are not too challenging. 

Getting the Google Partnership part could not be faked. Maintaining your client accounts was essential, you were being watched by Google. For ‘proving your worth’, within 90 days you had to spend a small fortune, this couldn’t be faked.

Let’s fast-forward to 2021. Currently, you must accept a ridiculous amount of suggestions from Google itself, even if you realise that the suggestions will not generate conversions for the client.

You basically work for Google for free to keep your partnership. It’s pants, We can’t believe we haven’t been kicked off yet.

So, if you hire an agency to handle your #ppc / #adwords based on them being so ‘chuffed’ about being #googlepartners – Keep in mind they might be working for Google rather than you!

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