Suffolk Business Stars. Yes we ranked it

So yes.

Suffolk Business Stars Edit – This post is at least a year old. We deleted the site shortly after this post. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people thanking us, they have managed to work out who can really do what’s right for their business. Just because someone sells something, it doesn’t mean they can do the job. 

We did build a website called We have been asked why we kept it a secret; we did not.

When we built the website, we left a couple of tell-tale signs and signals to show who built the website. We purposely left signals easy to find for the people who may be a bit more technical about web design, marketing and web development.

However, the one thing we have not publicly said is why we took the time, which was less than 10 minutes to build the site.

The website was ranked on the first page of Google UK within six hours

It had a verified Google maps listing within 12 hours. It was found without us telling a single person about the website being or going live. The site was found organically and shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus. The website was also mentioned on a few business communities and websites, without us telling a soul. People found it, shared it and talked about it for us.

We had no less than 20 private messages on Facebook about the website, around ten messages on LinkedIn and a few from Twitter. The website also received nearly 1000 hits from various sources according to Google analytics. We have also taken on two clients and sent out three proposals due to this website. You have to admit that is rather impressive results from a low-quality site but with a strong message.

The website goes against everything a small number of web gurus in the group Suffolk business stars keeps shouting about, purely to talk the talk.

The website is slow to load, barely has any content and is mostly written in something called JavaScript. Google and other search engines are not massive fans of using JavaScript, although they have got better at dealing with it. The site is not optimised properly on all mobile devices. It was on purpose, yet it still ranked in Google and people are still talking about it, two weeks later.

According to Google themselves the keyword search “Suffolk business stars” only has around 20 searches every 30 days on its search engine. We generated over 1000 visits to the website by using less than 150 words within five days for around 5 pounds which is the average price for registering a domain name. +10 minutes of our time.

As you can see the website is also a single page that will never change.

So we did this purely to prove the point that you do not always need a full-blown website, with lots and lots of content and any other buzzwords, combined with these all in one amazing web packages, which rarely perform. People will not ‘just come to you’ if you have a website and only that.

All you need is a strong message, product or services that people really need or care about.

So hopefully if you are a business owner reading this, you will start to question the following things.

Can my web company honestly do SEO, build my website and bring customers to it for such a tiny fee? More to the point will your cheap website end up costing you thousands of pounds in sales? Can your web company really deal with your marketing, hosting and improve your conversion rates? Can they prove it?

Think of it like this. Just because you have a shop with a big sign, it does not mean you do not have to market your business to the next street, town or county. Your website is never 100% finished, your marketing should never run out of options, and you should never stop wanting more sales.

We do not directly offer design, hosting or web development but we do market websites. We do bring new customers to you. We do help you convert old customers better. We do get other websites talking about your business and your website. That is what we do and have proven

Just because the all in one package provider has a massive audience, sometimes not quite honest reviews and able to talk the talk, they might not be able to walk the walk and bring customers to you. They may even completely wreck your outdated looking website which could very well be doing better than you thought but your new web company simply hasn’t researched at all. Read this

This case study, we use the term loosely is not against web designers, web developers or any other Internet marketing companies. We work with many graphic designers and web builders (from SBS) on a day-to-day basis and ones that not only generate amazing websites but performing online businesses. This article and the points made are simply against the all in one package that rarely do anything at all, except empty bank accounts.

We have been a member of Suffolk business stars for over five years. We have seen a change from a business community to a source of often bad and low-quality information that sometimes has a negative impact on local businesses. It is free for all where people often recommend their mates, networking groups or people that they heard were good.

We have commented on bits of advice that we have seen in the group to find our comments have simply gone missing.

All we are trying to do is to show that services with massive fan clubs may not be able to do the best job for you and your business. We have seen way too many GOOD designers and marketing companies picking up the pieces after a ‘have a go guru’ takes a website, and trashes it.

Take a look for yourself and read some of the web design and marketing advice provided in the group, then think back to this article.

Edit, another reminder– This post is at least a year old. We deleted the site shortly after this post. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people thanking us, they have managed to work out who can really do what’s right for their business. Just because someone sells something, it doesn’t mean they can do the job. 

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