Does Social Media Help With Google Rankings?

Social Media and Google RankingsSocial media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have become a big part of most business’ repertoire in the last few years; the race not to be left out in the world of shares and likes is fuelled by a feeling that if your business isn’t on one or more of the big social sites, you’ll miss out somehow.

Social media can be a useful tool, especially if you like cats, and have a burning desire to find out which American president you were in a past life. But at the same time, just having a social media account or two won’t make a huge difference to your Google rankings, and this has been confirmed by the people who should know – the experts at Google. Knowing how to use social media to your advantage, however, can do your SEO a big favour.

People will still be able to find you even if you don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter profile, but you can really make social channels work for you once your potential clients have found you. A lot of your web traffic will come across you by searching Google with unbranded keywords, but if they are interested in you, they’ll have a look on Facebook to see if you engage with your customers on a business page, or check out your reviews on one of the many review sites.

If you know how to use resources like Twitter properly, you can get them to work to your advantage. Find the people you really want to connect with – experts in your industry, popular bloggers, influencers and prolific tweeters, and befriend them so that you can butter them up a bit. If you can get them to give your products a great review on their website, or post some content for you, you get the double whammy of exposure for your brand, plus more followers on social media (people are like sheep, if they see that their favourite blogger is tweeting you a lot, they will more often than not follow you too).

Another way of making the most of social media channels is probably less obvious; testing your brand and product names. Find out what’s popular and what works before you settle on the final name of a product range, mess around with slogan ideas and get a feel for the best keywords by seeing what gets more shares, click-throughs and likes.


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