Whats Better? Social or SEO?

One question we get asked a lot is if SEO is better than focusing on social networks. It’s one of those questions that we sometimes hate answering purely because the answer is normally ‘DO BOTH’.

SEO is right on top of the list when it comes down to gaining relevant leads that actually convert into a sale. Do your research, it’s a well known fact. However, does that mean that you can simply ignore social media? Well no, not really.

Social media is like the icing on the SEO cake. People can find you without knowing your brand (via some keywords like ‘buy whatever product”), they research your brand before they hand over their hard earned cash. This is where social media can kick in. alongside helping gain sales from the social networks themselves.

We found this infographic that pretty much covers some valid points when comparing SEO against the Social networks. We think it hits the spot and it’s easy to digest so why not share it?