SEO Trends to Keep Your Eyes Out for in 2018

SEO Trends to Keep Your Eyes Out for in 2018 1 SEO & PPCAnyone who dabbles in web design and {{seo}} will already know that Google likes to change things around every so often – and the landscape for search and browsing in general is always evolving, largely beyond our control. This means, of course, that we need to stay on our toes as marketers – so that we can continue to produce brilliant, worthwhile SEO action plans that reach the right people and offer the traffic and click-through conversions you are looking for. Having kept our ears solidly to the ground for the past few months, here’s what we are expecting to see take off in a big way come January.

The Need for Speed

You have likely heard that a slow website in 2017 is one which will be failing miserably – and wherever you have heard it, it is not wrong. It is a huge ranking factor for websites of all sizes and flavours, and Google now actively expects your pages to load in under three seconds for your site to be considered worthwhile for visiting. Better get those trainers on and get training, then

Listen to the Voices

Not the ones in your head, but the ones your searchers are using to throw at Siri, Google and Alexa. Around 40% of adults, believe it or not, are now using voice search on a daily basis – and with 55% of web-browsing teenagers reportedly making daily use of the feature, it is time your website made room for conversational keywords and lingo as part of your SEO make-up.

Linked – But Not Linked

This has been a long time coming – believe us – but Google is now picking up on linkless mentions. For years, many SEO experts have been insisting upon backlinks always connecting to off-page authorities – yet, apparently, brands are now being readily associated with casual mentions. The times, they are-a-changing, although SEOmers suggested this was happening back in 2016 at a conference.

SERP Just Got (even more) Personal

Search results have never been more personal. You will likely find search results now tailored to your regular browsing, your app usage and your location more than you would a year ago – and this is only set to get more personal in 2018. While personalised Google searches are on the increase, there are ways and means around the phenomenon – and it is all about making sure that you stay on top of your white hat SEO technique.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Visual search – even if you have never heard of it – is getting bigger. We all love learning through images and video content – and it seems that Google is set to become more visual as the months go by. Google, Bing and more are investing heavily in visual search – meaning that we now need to think about working around text to cover all search bases.

SEO is Always Improving

This is the clincher – SEO has never quite stayed the same for more than five minutes. That’s no bad thing – but it does mean that the rise of factors such as local search, voice search and more besides all add up to a year where we may have to rewrite the rulebook yet again. However, it’s all worth it – take it from us – as it means that you can continue to pinpoint those users who genuinely need you amidst a sea of results that are otherwise full of filler.

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