Ranty SEO Blog post alert!!

We have been busy but sadly for the wrong reasons. Here are some screen shots of business owners Google Analytics. If you are unsure of what that is, analytics is a tracker to see how many people visit a website. Put it this way, if you have a website and don’t know if you have analytics installed then speak to someone because you will be losing customers every single day and not know about it.

What do these businesses have in common? They have all bought “SEO Ready” sites from local designers in Suffolk. These people are claiming that their wonderful design will turn into a cash machine the second it’s launched without any planning or historic review, it will have lots of traffic and everything will simply be amazing.

“SEO Ready” means nothing at all. However, a designer who claims they ‘do SEO’ can cost you thousands which can sometimes take MONTHS to recover after the damage has been done.

The one thing we see ALL THE TIME is that designers design, coders code but they rarely plan site launches correctly… That is the difference between making something pretty and understanding the consequences, before making ANY website changes at all.

PLAN EVERYTHING!! If you do not know how then speak to us BEFORE your designer could potentially ruin your online income. It takes us less than an hour to plan everything to work WITH your designer.

If you don’t know the difference between a good and bad designer then contact us. We will give you some questions to ask before you buy their services.

We’d like to state – We are not anti-designer. We are anti ‘have a go at it’ services that cause business owners big issues that people like us have to sort out. We work with some fantastic designers day in, day out.

So, take a look at the screen grabs below. This is what poor planning looks like, sadly.


Example One – a national website that was getting nearly two million visits every month. We personally helped the site improve from a few hundred visits to millions between 2013-2015 until the site was sold. The site appeared to have slipped with traffic after a year so the new site owner used a Suffolk based company to ‘refresh’ the site.  The unplanned ‘refresh’ caused the traffic drop as you can see below. The site owner waited for a few more months while the design company ‘had a go’ at fixing the issues. We spotted the issue within 17 minutes, sadly we weren’t contacted for well over 12 months so doubt we’d get the same PR buzz as we did back in 2014. The site owner decided to cut his £30.000 loses.

National SEO Rankings Drop



Example Two – A Suffolk business that accepted a proposal from a local designer who was chosen because they had so many mentions in a well known Facebook group called ‘Suffolk Business Stars‘. The agency that designed the site said to the client ‘you only get 500 visits a month so we don’t have to do anything’. The truth behind this client is that their average customer was worth £1500 at a minimum, they could only serve Suffolk, they will never get traffic into the thousands because of their localised audience. The new site was launched as ‘SEO completed’ without any research at all, they’d told the client they could manage the SEO which resulted in the issue below.

Sudbury Web Design SEO Issue



Example Three – Another local business, wrecked by a local Suffolk based designer. The average sale for this client was £150, they’d easily make 50 sales per month for their most high-end product. The peak season for selling their products is middle of March to end of April, with sales increasing to over 30 sales per week. Sadly. this income from their ‘shoddy website’ was lost due to being replaced with ‘an awesome website’ – The awesome website undone years of link building, PR and Social Media traffic… Purely because the designer ‘thought what would be best’ without any forwarding planning at all.


Long Melford Web Design


This post sounds like we’re having a go at designers, we’re not at all. We love designers, coders, PR companies and anyone who gives their clients everything they can to make sure that the person who is paying them, gets the return on investment, not run a massive loss. We love working anyone who needs our help, the same as when we call in graphic and web designers when we need their help.

If you’re about to invest in a new website then get in touch. We will be able to review where your website is now, and where you need it to go.

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