Qualified & Certified with HubSpot.

We don’t really need to take tests or exams but we do them anyway. Sadly we are working within an unregulated industry so for us, its the difference between having a go and actually getting results.

In our industry, it’s flooded with ‘have a go’ people so we do these types of exams (and Googles) for a number of reasons. We tend to do about 20 exams based around digital marketing each year, mainly to make sure we are tip top and not going blind in an ever-changing industry that works within many industries. Let’s face facts. We can make the most simple mistake, one that could cause a massive drop in performance for any of our clients.

Our reasons why we keep doing exams and courses.

  • Having 10-15 years experience means nothing if you stopped learning years ago.
  • Not many people in our industry put their money where their mouth is.
  • Dan & Fay like to reassure themselves that they are staying at the top of the game.
  • We don’t use our clients as playgrounds for our own benefit.

If anything, we enjoy doing exams to re-educate ourselves, we don’t really learn a massive amount but if we did, we would close SEOmers because it would be wrong to sell something if you don’t know the at least some of the answers right? We will not take those risks at all! 

Here are some of the exams we’ve passed. We love HubSpot if you’ve never looked into using it as a marketing CRM, you should at least take a look, it really can help your business if used right. Yes, we can help you make the most of it. Would you like a chat about it? 

Sales Enablement HubSpot Exam

Inbound Sales Hubspot Exam

Inbound Certificate Certified








Inbound Certificate HubSpot Exam

Email Marketing HubSpot Exam

Content Marketing HubSpot Exam




















We are also certified, partnered and qualified with Google themselves.

We are not awarded by paying an entry or subscription fee. It is more than just passing a couple of exams, you have to PROVE what you can do, and have a proven track record that is verified by Google.

Any marketing company, large or ‘one man band’ that runs or manages an AdWords or a marketing campaign can attempt to qualify to earn a Google partner badge, free of charge, no strings or entry fees. You learn your trade and have a good track record of “getting your clients results, then take exams”. We have done this for the last four years!

So there you have it, we don’t just have amazing Google reviews and references from banks, charities and business owners. We are also one of the very few companies in Suffolk who openly go out of their way to stay educated and tested frequently. We are proud of this fact.


Partnered, Qualified & Certified Marketing

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