Over 50% of Bing searchers click first SERP

1260787_hand_on_keyboardIf it wasn’t evident about the importance of ranking on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) then it certainly is now, after Bing shared valuable data on how its users interact with their search results.

In a recent blog post written by Dr Ronny Kohavi, a member of Bing’s Research & Development team, it was found that more than 50 per cent of all Bing users click the first result on an SERP.

Mr Kohavi indicates that a mere four to six per cent go as low as the third position on a Bing SERP, with less than one per cent of Bing users going as low as the eighth URL on an SERP.

Kohavi admitted this trend was not applicable in all scenarios however; particularly if the searcher clicks his/her back button to return to the results page.

He said: “When users click on a result, then hit the browser back button, they typically look lower on the page. Statistics showed that the click-through rate on lower positions are a factor of five to eight times higher after a back button.”

The blog post also investigates the effect of Bing’s ‘Deep Links’, where a user receives multiple results from one particular source, grouped together. Kohavi revealed the click through rate on the block of results now stands at 75 per cent.

In the event a page displays a brand with multiple ‘Deep Links’ in first position on an SERP, the click through rate of the third URL stands at less than one per cent.

Kohavi confirmed Bing will continue to evolve the layout of its SERPs, particularly for users in “exploratory mode”.

“We are now looking at ways to determine whether we should extend the number of search results when we have evidence that users are in exploratory modes (e.g., searching for insurance),” he added.

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