Looking to Move to HTTPS? We’re Offering an Almost-Free Transfer

Looking to Move to HTTPS? We’re Offering an Almost-Free Transfer 1 SEO & PPCHTTPS, if you haven’t heard, is the way to go.  Websites that fail to offer their visitors and customers the basics in terms of secure browsing and e-commerce fall foul of all sorts of accusations – and while porting your site over or setting yourself up on HTTPS in the first place can mean additional costs, it just makes sense.  Think of it this way – if your online store becomes vulnerable to an attack and you stand to lose hundreds of customer records to an unwelcome visitor, are you fully prepared to take ownership for such a loss?  Maybe not.  Therefore, prevention is key – and getting yourself registered on HTTPS to ensure safe, impenetrable data transfer is the way forward – take it from us.  Google loves it, and browsers everywhere expect to be protected.  It’s time to take the bull by the horns if you haven’t already.

To help encourage take-up of HTTPS, we at SEOmers are proud to announce that we are to provide transfer and set-up on the secure protocol for virtually free – meaning that, providing you fulfil certain criteria, we’ll move you over to HTTPS for next to nothing.  What’s the cost, you ask?  Just £10 – minimum – which we ask that you donate to the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter (IWNS).

No one deserves to be made homeless – and with over a hundred (more than statistics show) people living rough on the streets of Ipswich with little means of getting themselves back on their feet, it is down to the fantastic work of organisations such as the IWNS to ensure that so many people – young and old alike – can get themselves on the straight and narrow.  The cause is very close to our hearts here at SEOmers – and we are therefore proud to be able to encourage minimum donations to the IWNS in return for HTTPS coverage.  Rather than let the cost go to the firm, we’d prefer that you make a donation to help those in need – and in return, we’ll keep your website safe.

We also ask that the site you wish to transfer to HTTPS be WordPress based with your own SSL certificate (most web hosts provide for free) – to demonstrate that you have active interest in keeping your visitors safe.  We also request that you provide us with access to your Google Analytics data and your admin/hosting dashboard – so that we may implement these changes for you.  Don’t worry – your privacy and security is assured.

Make a difference to people who are unable to help themselves – while ensuring your visitors are safe to browse and buy from you.  Contact us today on 01473 760140 email us at your convenience – or visit the IWNS website for more information on their incredible work and for more details on how to make a donation.


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