How local firms can compete in the content marketing world

For local businesses looking to compete and establish their brand name in their niche or industry but having relatively small budgets for online marketing, it can be difficult to know where to begin to best use the resources you have available.

There are many reasons for the failure of content marketing campaigns; primarily because they don’t resonate with existing and potential customers, restricting and inhibiting the reach of your content.

But for many small business owners they often mistake what content really stands for. Content is everything. It’s the products on your shelves, the menus on your tables, your company ethos and even your employees.

If infographics and shareable PDFs aren’t your bag as a small business, why not focus on delivering a high level of customer service to gain positive, lasting feedback for your business? With the ever-growing number of review sites and feedback sites there are amazing opportunities to boost awareness of your brand just by appeasing the customer who, in turn, may be kind or enthused enough to write a review.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Your business premises could be equally effective as a piece of content marketing. Create a unique style and setting that engages with customers; as well as social media interaction within the workplace that connects with consumers and gets people talking about you without having to fork out mega bucks for press releases.

Last, but by no means least, your products themselves can also be used as a creative marketing campaign in their own right. It can be very hard for businesses in saturated markets to differentiate themselves from one another, but one thing that can attract lasting customers is quality, and lots of it. With Halloween and Christmas on the horizon, don’t be afraid to explore with seasonal product themes and in-store that can create a social media ‘buzz’ and result in some attractive links as a by-product

Let your creative juices flow!

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