Liking ladders: what’s the point?

liking_laddersThere’s no doubting that Facebook liking ladders remain a huge thing for some marketers. They’re all over my newsfeed and it’s very hard to ignore them. Many people want instant numbers of fans to like their Facebook pages and subsequently setting up a liking ladder may seem like a good bet in the short term.

Liking ladders are essentially a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back’ concept, encouraging people to like each other’s Facebook pages and share interests.

Now that’s great until you decide to make your first post on your page and all of a sudden you begin to lose fans because they aren’t really interested in what you have to say – it’s not a true representation of your social presence.

In some cases you will be fortunate enough to retain some of your fans, but there will also be some that decide to hide your posts rather than remove your page altogether. It’s arguable that hiding your posts is just as bad as removing your page altogether, as do numbers really matter if they can’t even see what you post?

Facebook isn’t a fan of the concept either. Some users who like too many pages are warned and then blocked for consistent violation.

Liking ladders can also be a lot of effort for very little reward. You may spend a whole afternoon liking hundreds of other industry pages in the hope that you’ll gain a batch of new fans yourself. It can be very frustrating to see you’ve wasted three or four hours gaining only a dozen new followers.

So what’s the best way to gain fans?

Put simply, you need to interact with like-minded pages where like-minded people hang out. Post genuine comments and link to your fan page. Maybe even consider a prize giveaway to entice people over to like you page as part of a competition. It may cost you a little bit initially to source a prize but marketing costs money!

But nothing comes easy, even in the world of online marketing. You need to put the ground work in. Talk with your fans and they will talk back. By interacting and having conversations with people on a daily basis you will be subconsciously marketing your brand and increasing the likelihood of Facebook fans visiting your site and buying your products.

By talking you get to know your fans better and you can soon refine your messaging and incentives to suit your demographic  – it really works, trust me!

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