Learn the Basics of Google Analytics

Google Analtyics The thought of Google Analytics strikes fear into the heart of some business owners, but like most things, it’s easy enough to get your head around if you know the basics.

There’s one undeniable fact about online business – you need your traffic data to be able to successfully run, promote and develop it, whether you only sell online or have a bricks and mortar business too.

All business owners should know the basics of Google Analytics, but you don’t need to be a techie to get to grips with it. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to track useful things like how many people use your website’s contact form to get in touch with you, and find out whether your social media is working for you.

You can set up a basic report weekly or monthly to see how your website is performing, where your traffic is coming from, and who your customers are, and with that information you’ll be able to make decisions about where and how to target your marketing in the future.

Website traffic is affected by many different factors, including seasonal trends. There are obvious peaks in searches for things like Christmas gifts or Valentine cards, but there are other seasonal shifts that affect your traffic and it’s good to be aware of those so that you can target your marketing more effectively.

As far as business tools go, Google analytics is brilliant, and it’s really nothing to be scared of. You can use it to find out who is looking at your site, when and where, and also get to know your typical customer, all with a bit of research.

In short, Google Analytics works by adding a bit of code to the existing code in your webpages. This bit of code allows JavaScript to send details about requests to view the site to a server which records them, analyses them and adds them to a report.

The new Universal Analytics also places code on your website, but allows you to be a bit more specific – you can now specify if you want to know when your site has been accessed via mobile and tablet, kiosk and games console too. There are more features with the new Analytics which will make it easier to find out where and how your website is being interacted with. All analytics accounts are being upgraded to Universal as we speak.

Don’t be afraid of Google Analytics – it’s really quite useful!