Key points from the Content Marketing Show May 2013

contentmarketingshowblueoutlogoWith over 1,000 digital marketers of varying backgrounds crammed into the Logan Hall at London’s Institute of Education, the May 2013 Content Marketing Show offered bucket-loads of insight and suggestions to transform online copy and content marketing campaigns to improve ROI and achieve end goals.

Around 20 different speakers from SEO, video production, copywriting and product design backgrounds offered creative inspiration as to the reason we write content and the numerous factors that determine its success.

Here are some of the most interesting take-aways from the Content Marketing Show, hosted by Kelvin Newman and his team from BrightonSEO.

It’s a team game

Danny Denhard, of, believes having the right team behind any content marketing strategy is fundamental to its success. Likening it to selecting a winning football team, Danny suggests it’s important to pick staff with the right attributes to complement each other. The best employees in your company may not always work well together.

Find your niche

Dan Fielder, of Sticky Content, discussed the difficulties some firms have with making their content exciting and enriching, particularly if they are in a particularly non-editorial business. However, Dan insists that businesses can make content marketing work provided they find their core niche. If you are good at what you do and can provide expert knowledge people will always be prepared to listen.

Tell the story

Behind every great content marketing campaign is a great story, according to Tony Samios of Caliber Interactive. Tony made a very valid point that web users will only share content with friends and family if they genuinely care about it themselves. Campaigns that encourage an emotional attachment will naturally succeed over drier, impersonal content.

Spreading the word globally

Eric Ingrand, of Enveritas Group, made another valid point for businesses that work on a continental or global scale. In order to get your business’s message across it’s no longer acceptable to simply translate content in native languages. Instead, Eric rightly states translated content needs to be culturally relevant and created by a local person who can make your message resonate with multiple cultures.

Know what works

Justin Taylor’s interesting presentation on the art of putting “conversion into content” and measuring the success of content in terms of social shares. Justin says it’s far better to create content that has fewer ‘likes’ with a higher conversion rate, than content that has many ‘likes’ and fails to convert commercially. It is therefore important to understand the audience you’re writing to; do research, hang out in forums to get a feel for what people are looking for. And don’t be shy in anchoring products into content – if someone is interested enough to read something they will be interested enough to buy it.

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