Is your social activity converting into sales?

social-media-failSocial media seems to have taken over our lives, and not just our social lives. We’re told that we can’t possibly operate without having a social media presence, and if we don’t have legions of ‘likes’ on Facebook than we may as well be in the last century because nobody will want to buy from us.

Is that really true though? And how can you make social media work for you instead of being just another chore that you’d rather not do?

The first thing you need to consider is whether your efforts on Facebook, Twitter or wherever are actually getting you any sales. If not – what’s the point? It doesn’t matter how many people like your business page if nobody clicks through to your website and buys anything.

Before you give in completely, make sure you’ve got to grips with your social media strategy. Have you got a target customer? If so, where do they hang out? Are they likely to be posting selfies on Instagram or chatting away on Twitter? There’s not much point focussing all of your efforts on one stream when in fact all the people you need to be connecting with are on another one.

Check out the competition, too. Look at the type of thing they post on Twitter or Facebook, see if they have a Google+ profile and study them. What are they doing to get interaction? Really spend time working out what works for your competitors and give that a try. If your competitors are also conspicuous by their absence, you can either assume that they didn’t get anywhere either, or decide to try and buck the trend.

If you are noticing sales coming through one platform but not the others, don’t think you have to conquer them all just because they are there. Focus on what’s already working and make it even better. If you’ve noticed that you’re building up a nice little community on Facebook, nurture it. Don’t drop the ball while you try and do the same on Twitter, because you’ll lose momentum. Stick with what’s working for you.

If nothing seems to be working and you haven’t noticed any benefit at all from your efforts on social media – why not just drop it for now? There are plenty of other ways that you could be working to build up your business and generate sales, we all survived without posting selfies and pithy quotes for each other’s amusement before Mark Zuckerberg took over the Internet, and you know – not everyone is actually on social media anyway!

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