Implementing video on Facebook leads to 25% more engagement

A new Adobe Social Media Intelligence Report has found that the use of video on Facebook results in 25 per cent higher engagement rates – including likes, comments and shares – within posts.

Video ad and post replays on the social network are up 785 per cent year-on-year, according to the report, which was interestingly conducted shortly after Facebook’s auto-play ads were officially introduced.

The report also revealed that Facebook experienced increasing revenue per visit (RPV) quarter-on-quarter (two per cent), compared with Twitter and Tumblr which experienced 23 per cent and 36 per cent declines in revenue respectively.

Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst at Adobe Digital Index, said: “Marketers are learning how to best reach their audiences across different social media channels and companies like Facebook are making changes to their algorithms and adding functionalities like auto-play of videos, which impact brands and users and how they engage with content.”

The research showed that Facebook’s ad clicks had increased 70 per cent year-on-year and 48 per cent quarter-on-quarter, with ad impressions up 40 per cent year-on-year and 41 per cent quarter-on-quarter.

The only Facebook ads which appear to be losing their attraction are text-only. These are losing both their share and engagement value, but posts with links soared 167 per cent quarter-on-quarter and 77 per cent year-on-year.

If you’re looking for the ideal day to post on your Facebook page and encourage optimum social engagement, the report suggests Friday as the most popular day.

Fridays drive the highest number of posts and engagement rates on social. Meanwhile almost a quarter of Facebook video plays and 16 per cent of post impressions also take place on Fridays alone.

Facebook recently announced $2.5bn in revenue and earnings of 31 cents a share in Q1 2014. The popularity of the social network and its revenue potential seemingly knows no bounds at present.

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