How to index fresh content via Google Webmaster Tools

There are many discussions I have had with small business owners and their webmasters regarding the issue of new content being indexed in the major search engines. Many of these sites have had issues with Google picking up fresh content; often taking weeks if not months to be found and indexed in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

So now is as good a time as any to provide my readers with a little tip to index content quickly and efficiently; often on the very same day. Within Google Webmaster Tool kit sits an option called ‘Fetch as Google’. This functionality gives website owners the chance to submit the URL of their new content straight into the index.

This is a method that appears to be criminally underused by professional bloggers, webmasters and even search marketing strategists such as ourselves. The savvy marketers amongst us will already ensure their XML sitemap is up-to-date with new live URLs before resubmitting to Google and Bing, but ‘Fetch as Google’ should be treated as the primary function for getting your new content seen and, more importantly, ranked.

Google states that it will crawl any new URLs submitted through this tool within 24 hours. However, I and many other SEO experts have recalled web pages and blog posts which have shown up in SERPs within five to 10 minutes of using this functionality – it’s a fantastic way to fast-track your valued content into the eyes of Google and your target demographic.

You can access the ‘Fetch as Google’ tool within the Google Webmaster Tools menu. Simply expand the ‘Crawl’ tab and click ‘Fetch as Google’. Enter the webpage or blog post URL that you wish for Google to crawl and press the ‘Fetch’ button.

Google will then notify you on the following page as to whether it has been able to successfully fetch your page, allowing you to then submit it to the Google index. You can either submit the URL itself (with a limit of 500 URLs per week per account) or the URL and all the related pages linked to it (with a limit of 10 submissions per month per account).

Using ‘Fetch as Google’ is a fast, easy way to outrank the competition. Be sure to put this on your to-do list when you next create a new page of content; you’ll thank me in the end!

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