How to get Google Reviews for your Business

Nearly every business or client we’ve ever spoken to have the struggle of getting reviews on their Google business profile. Sadly we live in a society where is it easier to get bad reviews for being 1 minute late than lots of good reviews for doing something amazing. The key to getting people or clients to review your business is to actually ask! We live in a society where you have to ask, customers won’t do things off their own backs anymore.

Always remember that reviews will improve your sales because of people and Google trusting reviews.

Do local business reviews by customers help SEO?

We are always telling our clients to get reviews, not just for {{seo}} reasons but because they make you look competent, professional and most of the time better than your competitors who may have the odd review from a mate.

Never forget that you need to convince Google’s customers that you are better than everyone who is listed alongside your Google business listings. Remember,  just because you sell a service doesn’t mean that people need to buy from you, they need to be convinced that you are the best, reviews will often beat any good or snazzy web sales copy to draw people in. Google searchers tend to jump to any business with a star rating much quicker than a business who doesn’t, its a trust and follow the crowd thing.

So regarding organic keyword positions, reviews on your Google my business account will help towards your natural non-branded keyword positions; however, a well optimised Google business profile can easily outrank and outperform any competitor who may have hundreds of their client reviews. Getting clients to your Google business profile is something any business owner can do within a few seconds of your time, there is no reason not to take advantage of the free (at the moment) service.

Google Maps reviews will benefit your business and outperform any other review platform on the internet like Trustpilot,  Yelp or Facebook. (unless you are a social media company). Let’s face it, most searchers use Google to find something, not Yelp or Facebook.

Have a look at your own Google Analytics, who sends you more traffic? We bet its Google!


How to get Google Reviews for your Business 1 SEO & PPC

Let’s help you get ‘Google my business’ reviews.

We often ask our clients to encourage customers to review once they’ve made a sale or purchase. We will always spot check clients every other week to see how they are getting on, but it is usually the same thing every time with a small spike of Google reviews which is clearly from their friends or family,  rarely from one of their customers, so we looked into it.

One of the biggest reasons most business owners fail to keep ahead with Google Reviews is down to one simple reason, they’ve never asked, for some strange reason, most people find it incredibly hard,  maybe it’s an English thing? (Our American clients have no issues at all)

The old saying comes to mind which is the old faithful ” if you don’t ask you don’t get”.  It would help if you made Google reviews as part of your process, or sales transactions. A follow-up in an email can easily generate you a few good reviews a month if you do it right, you may create more sales from previous customers who are happy with your service.

Get Your Timing Right.

Timing comes down to finding the line between not asking too early and not asking too late. Too soon and your customer may not have got the full benefits of your product or service and may not have an opinion on it yet; too late and that initial sense of impressiveness you incited may have faded.

How To Ask Your Clients For Google Place Reviews

Asking your clients for reviews is very easy as long as you don’t overthink it! When you’re asking your customers for reviews, they will generally respond with one of the four replies below.

  • “Going straight to leave a review.”
  • “I’ll do it in the next day or two”
  • “Ignore you”
  • “Point Blank refuse”

If you try and remind yourself that you are only really going to get one of the four replies above,  it isn’t that bad Is it?

Just make sure you have a simple process to deal with the four actions below.

  • If they automatically leave a review, then you don’t need to follow it up, the job is done.
  • If they reply with, I’ll do it in a few days, leave a note in your calendar to remind them in a week don’t hassle them.
  • If they ignore your request,  don’t worry too much because this rarely happens but try and find out if there is a problem with whatever transaction.
  • If they point-blank refuse and there isn’t a problem with your service or product,  it’s ok some people don’t want to leave a review.

The key to getting your customers to do something for you as we’ve covered a few times is to ask, and then you will get.

As said above,  don’t overthink it,  don’t ask them for too much and certainly do not tell them how many words, what’s right and how to do it. Keep your life simple and their life easy,  ask if they can do you quick favour rather than using the term ‘review’ tell them that it merely helps you out and you are very grateful, it is that easy.


You will be asked how to review on Google.

We found one of the main reasons people don’t leave a review is because they think that you need to have a full Gmail address, which hasn’t been the case for at least a year maybe two. Remind your clients that it takes less than 2 minutes to leave a review, even if they don’t use Gmail or Google Plus. Also if your customer doesn’t have a Google account it only takes 10 seconds to open one, but these days most people do, especially business owners due to things like Google Analytics or even maps.

You do not need a Google review link generator. Just tell your customer to Google your brand name, your Google my business listing should show up on the right side of the search engine result.  Your client should be able to click the current reviews where a window will pop up, tell them to click ‘write a review’ and the job is complete, it should take less than 2 minutes for a standard length review.

Tip!! Asking people to Google your brand name over time, will help you with your SEO activities and performance,  rather than giving them a link directly to your Google listing account.

Use an email template to ask for Google reviews

If you generate a lot of sales, bookings or transactions, then manually asking for reviews can become extremely time-consuming,  this is often another reason why established businesses rarely get many reviews on their Google place account.

A quick solution to this is to implement a process where Google review requests are applied in your sales process. All you need to do is generate a link to your Google business map profile that will take you less than 10 seconds to produce. Don’t forget that a link in your email signature can go a long way. We would advise that e-commerce stores only request a review once delivery has been confirmed, you do not want a review for a late delivery when it isn’t your fault.

You do not need to use any Google review link generators at all.

Just follow the steps above, search for your brand name in Google click the reviews which will open up a new tab or window then copy the URL in your web browser. You will then need to go to your email client or whatever you want to use,  write a short message with the simple hyperlink which is a clickable link in the body of the text which takes your client directly to the Google review process.

Things to be aware of with business reviews and complaints

What business owners need to be aware of is that it is better to have one Google review a week from your customers spread over a few months,  than one week of 20 reviews, then forgotten about. You do have to be consistent about your Google reviews, keep plugging away at your customers, and over time the rewards will come.

Be prepared for the odd person to leave 3 or 4-star reviews,  believe it or not, some people will never leave a 5-star review, However, use this to your advantage to get back in contact with that customer to see if you can resolve or maybe sell another product. All reviews can be updated or edited,  we have seen reviews placed over four years ago to be changed from 3 stars to 5 stars quite easily.

Never get obsessed with people who don’t leave 5-star reviews,  focus on getting as many reviews as you can over time , it’s just part and parcel of running a business so focus on pleasing 80% of your clients to the max,  rather than the 20% that you will never 100%, please.

Always remember that Google will always ‘listen’ to your customers more than they will ever trust you!

You have to educate Google and your potential customers that you are one of the best businesses in whatever niche or industry you are trading in.  Google reviews are one of the quickest, cheapest and visible ways to prove that. Keep at it and reap the rewards, because they will come.

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