How to add Services to Facebook Page

Believe it or not, Facebook business pages are far from dead, the rules got more onerous, but it is far from over.

The services tab section on Facebook allows professional services to create a services tab to highlight well….services. You might as well use it!

In this post, you’ll discover how to use the Services section of your Facebook page.

Here is a quick video guide but if like us, you’re a reader over a video person then please scroll down.

How to add Services to Facebook Page

Clearly, you will need to be logged in to your Facebook account. You will then need to go to your Facebook business page and look for the settings on the top right.

Facebook Services Tab


Choose Templates and Tabs

On the lefthand side of the settings menu, you will see a link called ‘Templates and Tabs’.

Facebook Templates and Tabs


Facebook Services Tab

You will then need to click the ‘services’ tab; this will activate the services tab on your facebooks business page. This will then show a Facebook services tab on the client/front end of the business page.

Add tab to Facebook page



Turn on Facebook Services Tab

You will then need to click the ‘add tab’ button next to the services tab. As you can see below, you will also have other options to add to your Facebook business profile.

Facebook Add a Tab

Add Services

You will then need to go to the front end of your Facebook page. You will now see your new ‘services tab.’

Facebook Services Tab


List my Services

Click the new services tab button. You will be greeted with a big button saying ‘add a service’. You need to follow the simple steps, and your job is complete, you now have a services section on your Facebook page,

Add services Facebook

Facebook Service Tab Tips & Tricks

Quick Tips!

Quick Facebook Tip No. 1:

You will need the size of the images to be 160×160 pixels (your profile photo is 180×180 pixels for size, 160×160 pixels for image) to get it to fit just so. There you go!

Quick Facebook Tip No. 2:

There is no way to reorder your services once you set them up. They are ordered by how they are entered but backwards. So the first service you entered is at the bottom of your list, and the last service tab you enter will be at the top.

Quick Facebook Tip No. 3:

You do not have to enter your pricing – you can use that area as a call to action: contact us for more info, call for pricing, etc. You do not need to enter numbers at all.

A few final thoughts about the Services tab:

Do we think that Facebook’s services tab will be bringing in floods of customers? No, not at all. However, there is nothing worse than seeing a business who is semi-active on Facebook with a decent following using the default sidebar that doesn’t do anything, take advantage and customise your page to your advantage.

If you feel that your Facebook page is slowly dying, maybe thinking ‘what’s the point?’ then speak to someone who can help you make it perform better.

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