Google removes more than 100 million links already in 2013

Google has received more than 100 million link removal requests since January 2013 for web pages deemed to be in breach of copyright laws, according to new figures.

This figure is already double the number of requests made in the entirety of 2012, with 14 million requests made in the last four weeks alone.

The research from online brand protection specialist, NetNames, found that almost two-thirds (60 per cent) of businesses have no system in place in order to protect intellectual property online, resulting in vast numbers of copyright cases going unnoticed.

Copyright owners such as the British Recorded Music Industry account for a large number of link removal requests, along with broadcasters such as HBO.

HBO has hit the press of late for its rather overzealous link removal requests under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Indeed you’d think HBO would have learned its lesson after once infamously asking Google in a DMCA notice to censor links to its very own website and numerous other legitimate websites and blogs.

Google insists it continues to strive to “catch errors or abuse so we don’t mistakenly disable access to non-infringing material”.

This is likely to be particularly crucial for businesses given that NetNames’ research found that 93 per cent of executives believe protecting online assets will become more important, or remain just as important, over the next year.

Google added: “Google continues to put substantial resources into improving and streamlining this process, including into identifying erroneous and abusive take downs, and deterring abuse.”

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