Google “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm Launches

Google “Pigeon” Local Search Algorithm Launches


pigeon Google Google appears to be pushing out another update that is targeting local keywords. The update doesn’t officially have a project name but Search Engine Land have nicknamed this update as ‘Pigeon’. They did the same when Google originally launched ‘Panda’ a few years ago, they named that update as ‘Farmer’ – Side note from Dan “stop confusing people guys”

Once Google have officially named the update, we will let you know.
What we have noticed in the update so far is

  • Yelp have now sprung back into Google results after they kicked up a fuss with Google.*
  • Better results for actual businesses within an area. Example; Google seems to be taking preference to a real Bed & Breakfast rather than a hotel that provides it as a side-line service.
  • Outdated business websites appear to have slipped. This is another reason why you must keep your website ‘fresh’.
  • Google seems to be loving local listing websites at the moment. We doubt this one will last. Most business directories spend a fortune on dodgy SEO so we think Google will pull this one back.
  • Sites with generated location pages. This basically makes a page for every town within an area. A lot of local business try this and it does work, for a while…
  • This is a big one – Sites that don’t have any reviews appear to be dropping top 5 rankings.

* Yelp have now sprung back into Google results after they kicked up a fuss with Google. Yelp accused Google of taken preference to their own services rather than Yelps. (What a surprise).

We are noticing changes on a near hourly basis so please do expect another update about this topic.

Do you any have concerns about your local keywords? Have you dropped in rankings? Do you know why they’ve dropped? Leave a comment or send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you figure things out.

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