Google Is Cracking Down on Hackers and Spam

Hacked WebsiteSo – the latest news from Google HQ is that they’re more focused than ever on making sure that the search experience for everyone isn’t just as relevant as possible, it’s as safe as possible, too.  This has led to greater engagement, reportedly, with website owners through their Search Console, and a major clear-up of ‘hacked’ sites which appear to be pushing useless spam content.  It’s all done in the name of the greater good – the engagement that Google is talking about is that they’ve approached site owners who update regularly with warnings regarding certain factors that could impact them negatively in search results.  That’s nice of them – you’re probably thinking – but it’s worth bearing in mind that, unless you’re regularly updating your web content (via blogs, tweaks, etc), Google is probably going to forget you exist at all.


It seems to be the Big G’s collective opinion that legitimate sites which update regularly are worth paying attention to – it makes sense, in a way – as the longer you leave a site unmanaged, the less relevant it’s going to be.  An untouched site is one which is going to look uncared for – and how is your potential traffic going to see that?  Not in a great light – so it’s not surprising Google runs with this ideal.  What’s more, if you’re negligent with your website to the extent that it is regularly hacked or completely over-run with spam or worse, Google will simply wipe your results clean off the grid.  That’s pretty much the worst case scenario for anyone looking to retain a foothold online, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Google are also actively approaching webmasters who are failing to adhere to the engine’s guidelines – which, it can be assumed, has helped them in eradicating ‘more than 80% of compromised sites from search results’.  It’s safe to say that just staying active isn’t enough to remain in favour with the Big G – you’re going to need to pay attention to what they deem fair and legal content, too.


Google are head-on spam fighters at present, but it’s worth remembering that the giant won’t see you at all if you fail to regularly maintain and update your website.  Let your audience know you’re active – make changes to your site.  Regularly update your security standards – converse with Google – and let them know you’re alive and kicking.  Getting the right sort of attention from Google isn’t hard, but it’s going to need your interest as well as your investment.

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