Facebook pages – you ain’t getting nothin’ for free

Facebook has recently admitted that businesses looking to increase their brand exposure across the social network will have to fork out for Sponsored Posts in order to get their posts and information in user newsfeeds.

Businesses with Facebook pages have found it extremely challenging to reach out to their target demographic organically using unpaid promotion of content. In fact, even business pages with thousands of ‘fans’ are finding that only a mere fraction of their fan base is finding their content in newsfeeds.

Is this because Facebook is gently trying to push us all toward the use of Sponsored Posts just to enable our businesses to be seen by those who already like our brands? It would appear so.

The harsh reality is that if Facebook is to increase the number of business posts displayed in newsfeeds they would much rather be paid for it than do so for free. The evolution will hopefully not be such a surprise to some who may have seen this coming; in a similar way that Google is placing the value of paid advertising on an ever-growing pedestal.

Perhaps the most concerning aspect for businesses with thousands of ‘fans’ already is that there is no guarantee of engaging with these fans in the future; even with fantastic content that’s right up their street – unless you pay for it.

Those who have already invested a lot of time and resource into developing a huge fan base on Facebook will no doubt feel somewhat ripped off. With the limited exposure to unpaid brand content in newsfeeds these fans are now beginning to look pretty darn expensive to keep in contact with.

In summary, you won’t be using Facebook as a marketing channel much longer if you don’t want to dedicate a budget towards Sponsored Posts. And as more businesses are forced into paid content, the cost of promoting posts on Facebook is sure to multiply.

We all know Facebook has plenty of shareholders to keep happy and a new, constant revenue stream is sure to put smiles on faces. But for the bread and butter customers who are going to be affected it could be the end for small businesses on Facebook.

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