Facebook are about to stop you from running ads

Facebook are about to stop you from running ads 1 SEO & PPCFacebook remains a seriously valuable resource for small businesses and, as a result, there’s never been a better time to start focusing on your social media strategy. They’re also pretty hot on making changes to business engagement on the platform, which obviously means that if they’ve got punches, you’re going to have to roll with them. Their latest move is to penalise businesses who are – for want of a better word – failing to inspire their customers. Facebook Pages come with various bells and whistles – one of them is a pretty solid rating system, not unlike Google’s, where your customers and clients can rate you out of five. Get an average score that’s hard pushed to reach two or three, and it’s likely Facebook is going to try and push you to try harder.

Customers are now in a very powerful position to be able to directly feedback to Facebook themselves if they’ve bought products or services from you via a targeted advert. Adverts are big business on Facebook these days – and they’ll share any negative feedback they receive from your customers so that you can – effectively – learn to improve. If, upon receiving feedback from Facebook, you fail to get your average up, they can pretty much close down your ability to advertise full stop. Harsh, but fair.

Don’t worry too much – if you’re the sort of person that learns from their experiences, you’ll likely only see a small reduction in the number of ads you’ll be allowed to run, and Facebook will keep in contact with you in an effort to bring you up to code with their community standards and even customer expectations off-site. This is a move which seems to be an attempt to nip spates of misinformation in the bud – meaning that if you’re even thinking about launching an ad campaign on the platform that outright misrepresents your services, you really should be thinking again.

We think Facebook’s move here is pretty fair – it’s helping to balance fair competition, and we’re all for making sure business who want to succeed – fairly, and through honourable channels – do so. Facebook advertising is a bit of a golden goose – it’s a huge chunk of your user engagement if you’re already invested, and this latest move is pretty clear – if you fail to improve on customer feedback, you’re going to feel the repercussions

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