Don’t Buy Everything You’re Sold

With internet marketing expanding like never before, there has of course been a boom in web developers and social media experts popping up – all of them offering expertise and, so they advise, something different. For small business owners such as those which we help in East Anglia, we cannot stress enough that doing your homework before you leap into a new partnership or before signing over your website or social media accounts is incredibly important? The reason? You could end up paying an awful lot for absolutely nothing at all.

There are, sadly, some merchants out there looking to exploit businesses and individuals who reportedly have less expertise than they are letting on. This means your so-called ‘social gurus’, ‘web security aspects’ and the like aren’t necessarily as clear-cut as they may seem. Many of these gurus and ‘experts’ offer fancy tools and techniques with buzzwordy names which do very little – which means, we are afraid falls to you to look into a firm’s reputation and previous projects to ensure that you are set to partner with an expert who genuinely knows their onions.

Check out their own social media – have they got a legitimate portfolio of clients and past projects to back up what they’ve been able to do for customers in the past? Are there success stories that you can read into and rely upon for your own peace of mind? Surely partnering with a firm that has proven experience and expertise is worth your while – why throw your precious time and money behind a shyster who is keener to fill you full of marketing spiel than faith in what they can do for you long-term?

Web design, development and social media may be a lucrative market, but that does not mean you should fall prey to some of the shadier operatives trying to spin the industry to their own ends. Legitimate services for SEO and web development are not difficult to find – never go to the lowest bidder and do your research so you will not be paying a difficult price later down the line. Reputable businesses and developers who have legitimate tools and expertise will be shouting their success stories from the rooftops, and rightly so – why opt for anything less, or anything shadier? Don’t let the future of your business down by partnering with the wrong people now.

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