Dan Braved the Shave for Macmillan

Brave the Shave. SEOmersToday, Dan helped Macmillan raise over £600. If you are unaware of what they do, then please do visit their website here.

One of Dan’s friends was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago. He decided that he would try to raise some money towards his treatment, his attitude was that he would lose his hair, why not raise some money?

Dan was going to donate, he even got as close as paying but was then distracted aka he forgot. Steve (Dan’s friend) had already raised around £2.000, but it was too late to give himself, so Dan went one step further,

He Braved his own Shave, here is the video that was streamed on various social media platforms on Tuesday 13th August.

Dan has helped raise over £600 so far. We want to give a huge thank you to Lee Cousins who owns LGC Mobile Hairdressers in Ipswich for donating his time to do the shave which was chopped on blade ‘0’.

Needless to say, Dan is feeling the cold. You will still be able to donate for a few more days if you wish. Please visit here 



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