Black hat and spammers less likely to appear in Google after the summer

spammers_SEOmersGoogle’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts released a new video to the masses to discuss what marketers should expect from Google in the coming months.

At the top of the agenda was Google’s plan to reward good sites for best practice SEO methods and thwart black hat and spammers in their tracks. Cutts has indicated that spammers are highly unlikely to appear in Google’s SERPs beyond the summer months.


Cutts has revealed that Google will soon be taking an even harsher line with websites that persistently use advertorials to gain external links. There have already been a number of well documented brands, such as Interflora, who have received penalties for using advertorials excessively and this will only continue as Google makes it a violation of its webmaster guidelines.

Link spammers

Google is also targeting link spammers and the value of the links they acquire. This would suggest that the search engine giant will once again go after link networks as it has done in the past.

Hacked sites

Google has spent a significant amount of time on dealing with hacked websites and their index; going some way to labeling search results of sites that have been potentially tampered with, removing those sites and providing prior warning to webmasters. Cutts confirmed Google plans further features to better detect hacked websites and improve webmaster communication.

Respect your authority

Sites that are already an authority in their specific niche or community could be in line for a ranking boost. Cutts said Google hopes related queries will rank sites above less authoritative competitors.

Overhaul of domain clustering

Cutts has also confirmed that the times of sites clustering under the same domain name, showing multiple pages on the first part of Google’s SERPs, will reduce as the year progresses. Google plans to ensure the search results are as diverse as possible.

Softening the effect of Panda

A number of sites found themselves affected by the latest Google Panda update. Matt Cutts confirmed that a number of sites fell foul as a mere borderline case. Google is subsequently looking for ways to ease that decision with additional quality metrics within the Panda algorithm.


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