Behold: the Twitter archive

Now, we all know that Twitter is fantastic for keeping track of real-time news and reports, but previously searching through your history for tweets on a particular subject was somewhat more frustrating; even with the use of hashtags!

It is said there are approximately 450 million tweets sent across the network each and every day. Finding one from four or five years ago has often been harder than finding a needle in a haystack! However, a social-analytics company based in the United States is attempting to change that.

San Francisco-based Topsy, which offers advanced Twitter search tools already for the network, took it one step further by opening up an archive of Twitter’s entire history to the masses – totally more than 425 billion tweets, videos, images, blog posts and location pins dating back to Twitter’s first-ever tweet made by founder, Jack Dorsey back in 2006.

Topsy’s analytics tools have been used to great effect for a number of years on Twitter. Twitter was able to use Topsy’s analytics functionality to determine public sentiment for each political candidate involved in last year’s US presidential race.

This exhaustive new archive could greatly benefit marketing campaigns. For example, if a campaign wanted to go back and gauge public opinion surrounding a specific topic a few years ago, it can now do so just by searching Topsy’s archives.

Top-level archive information is available to all Twitter users at However, the more advanced analytics tools are reserved for marketers that use “Topsy Pro”, according to the company’s spokesperson.

Users of Topsy’s free version can still ascertain how many times a specific search term or string of keywords was mentioned in the last 30 days, but they will only be able to view the top 100 tweets matching their search.


Update 2019: Topsy has since closed since this post was made. Apple now owns Topsy

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