Are free UK business listing websites worth it? They are now

So you have a new website without any traffic. You don’t have a clue what to do with it after discovering that your newly designed website isn’t getting any traffic or showing anywhere in a search engine.

It happens a lot but just having a website will not bring customers. You have to get them.

You then do the same as 90% of any other website owners, you start Googling about SEO, getting traffic and often swamped with outdated advice and tips.

One of the ‘tips’  you will see over and over again is the importance of using business listing websites like Yelp, Scoot or Freeindex. We are not going to discuss the value or importance of having a listing on any free business listing but we will say that most free listing websites will not have any value towards your own SEO or keyword rankings. You really shouldn’t download massive directory lists from the internet and submit to them all, you won’t have any issues (in most cases) but you will waste your time.

Being a business owner is about using your time wisely. There is nothing wrong with submitting your website to any free business listing but choose the right ones.

How do you know which business listing website is the right one for you? It is easy; you have competitors who have already done the work, you just need to find what they’ve done.

The next question is how do you find the websites where your competitors have been placed? The truth is, most site owners don’t have a clue, they download lists that hold no SEO value at all, and give up at number 32 out of a list of 998 directories.

You now have the upper hand if you are reading this. We see a lot of websites, what they are up too and where they have either been mentioned or placed a reference to their business.

We have sourced, filtered and tidied up a list of over 100 of the most popular and free UK Business websites that everyone seems to be using, we removed any listing sites that are simply dreadful. We then used Google to build our own mini search engine. The ‘search engine’ below will only search these free business listing websites.

If you see that your competitors brand is listed on something, and you are not – Get listed. We’ve done the hard work, you just need to get listed alongside them.

All you have to do is enter your website or your competitors site, if they are listed then submit your own business.

If you can’t see the search engine above, refresh the page, sometimes Google is slow to show up. Either press CRT+5 on Windows or CMD+r on a MAC

Some notes.

  • We are aware this isn’t perfect but we are using a free but customised tool from Google.
  • We can only show you 10 results per page. We tried to bypass to show more but Google won’t let us.
  • Google could disable this at any time so if you are going to use it, take advantage now.
  • Google will sometimes show the same website more than once, just scroll to the next page.
  • We are only searching business listing websites that might have some SEO value, being listed doesn’t mean you will rank in Google, SEO is more than a few business listings.

We will keep this list updated if we feel a business listing website is turning into rubbish, we will remove it from this search engine, just the same if we find a new but popular listing website, we will add them to this tool.


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