Why You Should Apply SEO to Your Social Media, Too

The power of social media can hardly be denied – you only have to look at the fact that Facebook now has a staggering two billion users to understand that the reach potential is incredible.  However, it’s never been particularly clear nor cut and dried with regard to how much of an influence social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more have upon Google’s rankings.  With this in mind, however, {{seo}} and web development experts such as ourselves have needed to keep an open mind with regard to the potential that could well lie in wait.

Social media may not necessarily have direct impact upon Google rankings – as far as we know – but the potential it can have upon ranking factors and search listings lies in the fact that it’s an incredible platform for sharing content and, therefore, for earning links.  All SEO experts should therefore be more than ready to utilise social media for its promotional power rather than for its content – and this means that you can use it to promote your own links and earn citations from other social media pages and accounts who wish to link to you.  There’s never been a better way to get seen, read and visited – and regularly attending to your social media presence can help to build your brand and thus increase awareness of you in social platform search and more.  Facebook, for example, is its own little world away from Google.

Social media does have a role in Google results in the form of personalised SERPs, for example, if you were to search for a brand or celebrity, you may well be supplied with links to their associated public profiles.  This should never be overlooked – social media presence has such an impact upon public consciousness nowadays that it can directly impact upon your authority and worth – so keeping up to social matters can only help to improve your profile.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that social media can be treated as a completely alternative entity to Google search – as it can work hand in hand with SEO to help build a healthy, popular brand that can be found on the majority of the big platforms your audience is likely to be using.  Social media targeting can be run completely separate to SEO – but in a world where the two are running parallel to one another in getting word spread about local businesses and useful services, it remains to be said that pairing the two together can’t do any harm – and we’ll show you how.

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