Almost half of digital marketers want to reinvent themselves, say Adobe

Almost half (40 per cent) of digital marketers are keen to reinvent themselves, but only 14 per cent actually know how, according to new Adobe research debuted at the Adobe Summit 2014.

Although it is undoubtedly a very interesting time for marketing as a whole, it can also be an unsettling one for brands which feel overwhelmed trying to make sense of the countless ways to monitor consumers.

Andy Betts, of, believes that the reinvention of digital marketing and marketers as professionals requires the following:

  • The ability to pull together data from multiple sources in one place, process it in a standardised manner, and package it in a way a marketer can understand.
  • The power to collaborate with other business units across a company and its teams when working on campaigns, so efforts are streamlined.
  • The capacity to deliver a personalised experience to the customer based on a brand’s understanding of who that customer is, what device they are on, and where they are interacting with the brand.

It’s a fact that change often requires a willingness to take risks. Further Adobe research found that 50 per cent of digital marketers surveyed readily accept that they should take more risks, with 45 per cent hoping to take more in the months and years ahead.

When it comes to adopting new technologies to assist in delivering digital marketing campaigns, almost two-thirds (65 per cent) said they were more confident in adopting new techniques and software once they become mainstream, rather than setting new trends in the industry themselves.

Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of digital marketing business at Adobe, said: “Marketers today want to reinvent themselves and the way they approach their work, but the majority need help to thrive in a digital world.”

The underlying message which came out of the Adobe Summit 2014 was “reinvent what you do, how you do it and how you measure your success”.

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