Is Your Copy Working for You?

You might think that you have it all worked out with your SEO. You’ve read up on tags and metadata and spent hours going through and adding all the correct keywords where they are most needed.

Don’t sit back and assume that doing this is going to give you an automatic pass to the top of the Google rankings, though. There’s no denying that spending time on adding all of these extras will give your pages a boost, but it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to success in the search engines.

Google and metadata

Back in the ‘old days’ you could assume that when you wrote your metadata, it would automatically show up in the search engines. What you added in the meta description field was what showed up when people saw it in a search results page. However, there’s strong evidence that these days, Google may not even use metadata when it’s ranking a website.

The algorithms are sophisticated, and when it comes to finding the description for your site, and ranking it accordingly, Google isn’t so choosy. It can pick up any copy from your site and use it to calculate your worth in the rankings. So if you put hours of effort into creating the perfect description for your site in the metadata, but then pay less attention to the copy on the rest of the site, you could fall down.

Make every word count

The best way to create copy that will propel you higher in the list is by making every page on your website a great description of your business. Make everything you put on your website relevant, compelling and interesting for your potential and existing customers so that it doesn’t make any difference which random paragraph the Google algorithm decides to use to categorise you, it will be beneficial.

Top Tips

  • Don’t stop writing metadata – it’s thought that Google only changes them when it decides it needs more information. If there’s nothing in your meta data, it could choose something you really don’t want.


  • If you have a very large site and not enough manual hours to make unique description tags, you may want to think about leaving them out! SEOmers have removed description tags on a couple of large sites, it worked very well. Get advice before doing that!


  • Write unique descriptions for your pages and never duplicate your metadata. Make sure it always reflects the page content.


  • Carry on adding keywords to your articles – sentences with keywords in are more likely to get added to the page content. Just don’t over do it!


  • if you don’t want something showing in Google, it shouldn’t be on your website.


  • Write for people, then Google. Search engines don’t buy your services, people do!


  • Don’t write content for the sake of it


Just keep an eye on your page performance and keep your page copy regularly updated to ensure that your website doesn’t fall foul of a Google decision!

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