5 useful ways to improve your website’s bounce rate

Bounce rate is one of the most talked about search engine optimisation (SEO) metrics in the industry. A high bounce rate can be both a positive and a negative issue for webmasters and small business owners.

A high bounce rate can be viewed as a good thing for websites that are successfully acquiring the right kind of traffic to their pages. If you are providing visitors to your website with exactly what they were looking for then why would they need to spend more time browsing other pages on your website?

Alternatively, there are some types of websites that urgently need to make sure their visitors stay and browse for longer, building towards a conversion elsewhere on-site. In this instance you will want to increase the average time users spend on-site and subsequently the overall number of pageviews as this can significantly improve your business’s bottom line.

Here are five simple ideas for small business owners to consider in a bid to improve your website’s bounce rate and increase conversions.

  1. Site speed
    Nothing frustrates web users more than slow websites. In this day and age the average consumer has a minute attention span and wants to be able to find and read things instantaneously. If your web page takes more than 10 seconds to load not only will it ruin the user experience it can also negatively impact your search rankings as it is a confirmed ranking factor by Google.

  2. Pop-ups
    It’s also no secret that online consumers are increasingly annoyed by pop-up advertisements. Unless they genuinely offer something useful they simply act as a roadblock to the information or product a consumer is searching for and ruins the user experience. Try to keep pop-ups to an absolute minimum on-site.

  3. Mobile-friendly
    Websites that are mobile-friendly are now far more popular among consumers that not only use desktops and laptops but mobiles and tablets to find what they’re looking for. It is critical that your website is usable via mobile devices. We are increasingly finding businesses looking to redesign their websites are now opting for responsive designs that work on all platforms.

  4. Copywriting
    You may have a fast-loading website that’s fully functional on mobile devices but if your website doesn’t get the message across about what’s so special about your business and its services or products you’re doomed to fail. You only have a matter of seconds to turn a visitor into a customer so make sure taglines and product descriptions are obvious and demonstrate the unique selling points of shopping with you.

  5. Search functionality
    Another tool that’s still useful to keep users on-site is a prominently displayed search box. By offering helpful functionality such as site-wide searches you are increasing your chances of keeping visitors on-site and browsing multiple pages. Nevertheless, be sure that the search bar is prominent above the fold!
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