5 digital content promotion platforms you may not have thought of

If you have dipped your toe into the water of content marketing in 2013 and you feel that your content is not driving the traffic and inbound links it deserves then 2014 may be the ideal opportunity to consider some new content promotion strategies.

The sheer volume of content published on the web each and every day means that it’s just not as easy as opening up your CMS, bashing a blog post out and submitting it for all the world to read. If you want people to read and, more importantly, engage with your digital content then you need to actively promote it.

With that in mind, here are five useful alternative content promotion platforms you may wish to try in the New Year.

  1. LinkedIn
    A social network for young professionals, LinkedIn is the ideal way to speak to industry peers and engage in debate. You can find numerous LinkedIn groups related to your specific industry or niche and there’s nothing wrong with you sharing your content with the group, providing it’s not too spammy!

  2. Industry discussion forums
    Online discussion boards and forums are some of the most popular websites on the internet. There some forums with tens of thousands of members logged in at the very same time. Don’t be afraid to promote your content on a relevant forum, provided you’re answering questions and participating elsewhere in the community.

  3. Google+
    A very effective way of grabbing the attention of influential bloggers and icons is through Google+. If you have created an article or a piece of content mentioning an influential figure, why not give them a shout-out on Google+ just by adding a +TheirNameHere in your promotional post. They’re highly likely to see your post and, potentially, your content!

  4. Email marketing
    Email marketing is increasingly one of the most effective ways to gain traction for a great piece of digital content. But it can be tricky to know just when to send the promotional email out to your subscribers. Test open and click-through rates on emails sent at numerous times of the day to determine the best time of the day to obtain the highest level of engagement.

  5. Content curators
    Successful content curation websites such as Scoop.it and Paper.li are interesting platforms for content to get syndicated. On these sites curators share content with their followers on the platform as well as social media. Simply find the most influential curators in your niche and ping them your content; if it’s really as good as you think it’ll more than likely be shared!
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